It allows to visualize the status of all the data management of a company in a single platform, through the creation of reports based on executions, processes, accounts, users and health mappings of historical data that were processed in Conciliac EDM.

In addition, it is possible to see the status of the reconciliations, how much is pending, and other metrics that allow to have more clarity of what happened and the level of optimization of the processes.

This is a very useful module to analyze each of your scenarios and make better decisions based on the data and information you have.

There are 5 types of reports:

  1. Report by processes: Once you select the type of account, the process and the period you want to analyze, the Conciliac EDM platform will automatically make the report.
  2. Reports by executions: By selecting the type of account, the account and the process where the execution to be analyzed is located, a single click will be enough for Conciliac EDM to automatically perform the report.
  3. Reports by account: By selecting the account and the time frame to be analyzed, you can obtain an automatic report in seconds.
  4. Reports per user: Conciliac can make a report per user in a given period of time.
  5. General or all accounts report: Conciliac EDM makes a report of all accounts, with a detailed analysis of each one.

Additionally, you can save the file indicating the appropriate folder, as well as print it from the platform. In both cases you will get a PDF file.

If required, Conciliac EDM’s IT department can develop a report customized to the client’s needs.

With data in hand better decisions are made, get automated reports and start deciding intelligently.