Conciliac is the creator of the first data management platform, a comprehensive solution for enterprise data management that integrates intelligent tools with which companies can perform all types of reconciliations (financial, payroll, data, etc.). 

Allowing your company to scale its business by implementing modules developed as end-to-end solutions. That is, from data ingestion and transformation, data management and processing, to the issuance of reports that streamline intelligent decision making.

The Conciliac EDM platform provides a range of solutions presented in functional modules with which you can automate and robotize the consolidation, reconciliation and matching of data, integrations (APIs, ERPs, DBs and more), and data extraction from PDF, XLS, CSV and TXT files.

Additionally, it enables the extraction of multiple sources that you can merge, accommodate rows or eliminate unnecessary information in order to reconcile with another source, if required, and being able to export in different formats the results of this data crossing.

The tasks are parameterized in a single scenario, leaving the rules saved so that it is not necessary to return to the learning stage.

Our platform eliminates the repetition of routine tasks, the handling of unvalidated data and the unintentional human errors that may be caused. As a result, it enables people who were previously in charge of these tasks to take care of other actions where human concentration is required. The effective use of human and technological resources allows intelligent decisions to be made. Finally, as it is a multi-service platform, it prevents companies from investing in different suppliers and provides multiple solutions, in a single place and in a flexible manner.

Conciliac EDM provides an annual licensing that can be hired and implemented in a simple and fast way. To estimate the value of the platform, we take into account the number of monthly records or rows, the number of users, the need to integrate with APIs, FTPs, DBs, SharePoint, etc., or the possibility of robotizing data management processes, among other issues. You should know that our license includes training, functional and technical support, and platform upgrades.

As our platform is not cloud, but on premises, all the information uploaded to Conciliac EDM remains in the clients’ ecosystem. This allows no one, except customers and those they authorize, to have access to their sensitive business data.

Our platform is user-friendly, which means that no technical knowledge is required to use Conciliac EDM. However, users can teach the platform what they know and how they want it to perform a certain action, for example, how to carry out a bank reconciliation. Regardless of this, our team carries out different types of training in order to consolidate the link with the platform and get the most out of it.

All data used by companies today can be subjected to a reconciliation step for different purposes. For example, a payroll reconciliation might highlight how well overtime compensation is done, while a reconciliation of an airline’s passenger lists would match the number of flights sold with the number of passengers actually being carried in a given period and destination.

The integration of our platform with your company’s systems or tools is done through program interfaces that work as connectors between two or more systems that can emit, receive, store or manage data through different sources. These connections are made in an automated way avoiding errors and optimizing the allocation of resources. After the necessary integrations are made, it is possible to robotize processes, further enhancing the benefits.

Of course, Conciliac EDM has a certified integration with SAP R3 and SAP S/4HANA, with which you can import and export information to the ERP.

From any API you can provide an integration. They can be from banks, virtual wallets, CRMs, etc. Here you can learn about the different types of integrations and analyze the recommendations to design a data flow.

The implementation process is very fast and the user can start automating from the second week after the Conciliac EDM platform is contracted and the first payment is made. The installation is simple and does not take more than a couple of hours, then it continues with the training to users through two sessions of an average of one hour each where they will see sets of own scenarios and clear all doubts.

Conciliac EDM platform users can request technical support and technical assistance by email to or by logging in to our platform with username and password and issuing a support ticket.

Consult the values for the hiring of Conciliac EDM here.

Of course, our platform is flexible and scalable, which means that you can hire the module or modules that your company requires at this moment and implement more solutions as we accompany the growth of your business.

With Conciliac EDM you can receive reports and analytics from different data sources and cross-reference them, including: banking, credit and debit cards, supplier payments, tax withholdings and deductions, customer collections, corporate cards, balance sheet reconciliations, current accounts, database text cross-referencing, inventory and salary control, ticketing, among many others.

To perform a reconciliation, you only have to indicate to Conciliac EDM which are the important keys for a data crossing. For example, you indicate the date in a file, the amount and the detail of each source. We can also use the search function, filters, tolerance in dates or amounts, equivalences/dictionary, multiple reconciliation, etc.

Any column of a table can be used as a key field no matter if it is a date, amount, balance, name, email or other range. With Conciliac EDM you can match by combining 1, 2 or more keys at the same time, in different steps or simultaneously.

You can create your own set of rules for each scenario and save them for future reconciliations. That way, when you reconcile again, you will only have to apply the corresponding set.

Conciliac is a very flexible platform, because of this the matching scenarios can be multiple as well as the input sources. Among the most common matching scenarios are bank reconciliation, credit cards, insurance policies, contact base, inventories, Payroll, taxes, customers, among others. Basically, Conciliac EDM enables the crossing of two or more sources to find a match.

The column limit of a tabulated file is a maximum of 50 columns, while the limit in rows depends on the plan to be contracted.

You can transform any PDF as long as it is original. Photos or images converted to PDF are not supported by Data Transformation because they may cause errors in the transformation, for example, confusing a 0 with an 8.

Data Transformation is one of the modules of the Conciliac EDM platform that works by means of automatic and intelligent data extraction logics. The transformation and subsequent automation can be performed for PDFs, TXTs, XLS and CSVs. Once the document type is chosen and the file is loaded, the user can select and define initial and final cuts of the document (thus eliminating headers, titles, or unnecessary information), which parameters are considered useful for extraction, such as amounts, date, description, etc. and thus a template is created with certain criteria that in the future will automate the extraction of information from this file format. All this information will be transferred to a grid instance where it can be further automated by deleting rows, adding useful headers, replacing text or removing unnecessary elements.

Yes, the results of a reconciliation can be exported in Excel, CSV, TXT and XML. You can choose between a consolidated view of all the results, only the reconciled ones or only the pending ones for further analysis.

The Conciliac EDM platform is On Premises, which means that it is installed in the ecosystem of our clients, that is, in your server. For this reason, we do not have access to the information you are managing.

To install the Conciliac EDM platform you will need to install the application and then the RPA service. For the application, you will need:

  • MS SQL Server 2016 or higher available on the same intranet.
  • Operating system Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2016 or higher.
  • Intel i5 6400 processor or higher.
  • Memory of 16 GB or more (32 GB recommended for Windows Terminal Server).
  • Disk space of at least 500 MB.

To install Conciliac RPA (Windows Service), the requirements are:

  • Requirement: MS SQL Server 2016 or higher instance available on the same intranet.
  • Operating system: Windows Server 2016 or higher.
  • Processor: Intel i7 6400 or higher.
  • Memory: 16GB +.
  • Disk space: 500 MB.

You have to know that RPA can be installed on the same machine as the Conciliac EDM application.

In Essentials you will find all the rule sets created for matchings and reconciliations, the dictionaries and extraction logics we have created for the automation of the previous modules. Here you can manage all these configurations, as well as edit, rename or delete them if you wish.

The Data Reconciliation module allows you to create a bank reconciliation by incorporating a carry forward of balances from past reconciliations. It provides for opening balances, reconciled balances or differences and a balance report based on that information. Once you have defined where to store the reconciliations, you can perform a quick mash up or manually select the accounts.

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