Team Manager

It allows to create collaboration among team members with different access and tasks for each data process, thus improving cohesion and teamwork.

Allows to assign to each workflow the users and their respective roles with each of the corresponding interactions.

Within the platform, each user has a role that is assigned at the time of hiring, since each one has different functions and values. The roles currently available on the platform are:

Editor: This is the main or base user, in each license there must be at least one editor user. The editor user has access to all the contracted functions, has records, creates rules, has access to all the configurations except Team Manager.

Reconciler: As its name indicates, it can only perform reconciliations. Consumes logs, only has access to Data Match, Data Recon, Essentials with rules already created. It cannot edit configurations or rules.

Administrator: Does not consume records, does not create rules. Only configures Team Manager and Data Integrations.

Analyst: Consumes logs, can view results and issue reports.

Approver: Does not consume logs, cannot reconcile, does not have access to configurations. Can only approve reconciliations.

In a team, everything is better.