Data Integration

This module allows you to configure integrations with different data sources such as APIs, ERPs, databases, FTPs and SharePoints, through which you will stop doing manual file uploads and thus reduce the investment of time dedicated to this process, while also eliminating unintentional errors.

Thanks to Conciliac EDM’s certified bidirectional integration with SAP R3 and SAP S/4HANA, you will be able to import and/or export the information to the ERP in a secure way.

API Connector

It is a set of protocols and rules that allows applications to communicate and interact with each other or between different software, facilitating the exchange of data and functionality between different systems.

ERP Connector

It is an interface developed by Conciliac and certified by SAP to connect with SAP ERP in its R3 and S4Hana editions. It allows access to documents stored in the ERP, import them to Conciliac to process them and return them as reconciled items. It is very powerful and valued by the entire SAP ecosystem.


It is the connection to an external database, which may be located in another location and which is accessed by means of queries. Once the connection link and the database extraction request have been configured, the connection is verified and established.


It is an interface where the configuration is made between computers to extract a certain type of folder and remove what is specified to the connector.


This is a file-to-file connection interface very similar to FTP Connector, but unlike FTP Connector, it operates on cloud folders in a Microsoft SharePoint environment.

Tell us, what integration will we carry out today?