Why  Conciliac? Why a single solution?

Why Conciliac? Why a single solution?

The current state of digital transformation has as an unstoppable effect: the generation of enormous volumes of data that grow exponentially. On the other hand, these huge masses of data are dispersed in various systems (ERPs, CRMs, databases, third party systems, etc.) and in multiple formats (TXTs, PDFs, CSVs, among others).

To measure the challenge, it is estimated that 74 Zetabytes were generated in 2021 and more than 97 Zetabytes are expected for 2022.

This reality creates a real challenge for companies when it comes to being able to process, analyze and achieve the accuracy of the data on which their business strategies are based.

Conciliac EDM, is the platform for comprehensive data management, focused on the veracity and integrity of the data.

In words of Oscar Barone, CEO of Conciliac, “Our focus is to find the veracity of that data that makes up information, that makes up a report, and that collaborates in decision-making in client business strategies.”

Recently, Conciliac EDM incorporated the API Connector into its Data Integration module, offering its clients the possibility of autonomously integrating, free of charge and without writing a line of code, more than 24,000 public APIs to obtain and standardize the data they need to process.

To learn first-hand how EDM can help you, request a demo and discover its full potential applied to your business.