Conciliac launches its API Connector revolutionizing the integration potential of its customers

Conciliac launches its API Connector revolutionizing the integration potential of its customers

With this new development, Conciliac EDM customers may integrate seamlessly and without costs to more than 24,000 public APIs to obtain all the data they need to consolidate, reconcile, or standardize.

Buenos Aires — January 2022 — Conciliac announces the deployment of its new functionality, the API Connector, as part of its Data Integration module, greatly amplifying the integration possibilities with external data sources of all its current and future EDM customers, the market’s most complete Data Management solution.

“We solved a very complex problem that every company has: transparently obtaining large volumes of validated third-party data” commented Lucas Martinoia, Conciliac’s CTO. “We created a module that is open and easily configurable, for our customers to retrieve the data they need and tabulate them without writing a single line of code, so that they can be afterwards processed according to the company’s requirements”, he went on.

The 120+ Conciliac EDM customers, distributed in 30 countries across five continents managed in 2021 more than one billion registries. Estimations show that thanks to this new functionality available for all of them, combined with the interannual growth that Conciliac is showing, the number of registries to be managed in the platform with be even higher in 2022.

“What we aim at in Conciliac is to keep evolving as a unique platform for automated data management, recognizing that currently one of the greatest challenges is around data access and retrieval” mentions Oscar Barone, Conciliac’s CEO. “Conciliac in all its modules deals with this challenge by leveraging exponential technologies like Machine Learning, AI and RPA, that combined together enable the potential to deal with large volumes of data in automated processes, taming present and future big data”, he added.

When referring specifically to this new functionality, the executive and co-founder of Conciliac said that: “API Connector was conceived keeping in mind that in the near future, the raw material that our platform will manage -data- will be obtained through API integrations, leaving file management behind. Our goal is to offer our customers the possibility of being data driven, this is, to generate business strategies based on actual and verified data”, he concluded.

About Conciliac EDM

Conciliac EDM allows our customers to centralize, automate and standardize all their data management processes:

  • Data matching
  • Account reconciliation
  • Data integration
  • Data consolidation (cleanup, wrangling)
  • De-duplication
  • ETL (extraction, transformation, and loading)
  • Reporting
  • Workflow
  • RPA Inside

All in a single platform that manages all your data bi-directionally among different sources, like API’s, S/FTPs, ERPs, Databases, SharePoint sites, and many others, apart from having available certified bi-directional connectors with SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA.

About Conciliac

Conciliac was born in May 2012, with the mission of developing innovative technological products and systems, to become the leader in the global data management industry, permanently creating and implementing the most innovative ideas to optimize and automate data management.

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