The last mile industry grows exponentially

The last mile industry grows exponentially

Recently, digital transformation has accelerated in companies as a counterpart to new consumer habits, which were modified by the pandemic.

Purchases were digitized and grew exponentially and with it came the challenge of “the last mile”. This became a challenge for all industries and businesses. Restaurants, supermarkets, clothing stores, pharmacies and bars, among many others, had to adjust their sales methods, incorporating the shipment of the product as the final step of the purchase process.

Companies such as Uber, Cabify, Rappi, Glovo, PedidosYa among others, began to cover this imperative need of delivering to customers in the shortest time possible and providing accessibility to the entire public. During 2020, last mile shipments increased by 25% in the United States alone.

With the emergence of these new allies, companies were able to solve the way to deliver purchases in an agile and fast way. But this diversification of options to carry out the shipment, brought with it an increase in the volume and diversity of data generated by the operation. As a direct consequence, new challenges arise in companies such as being able to control all dispatches, deliveries, claims, returns, in different and new formats that are difficult to consolidate and be crossed with management systems and CRMs.

Performing this new task with traditional or manual methodologies is not only exhausting and inefficient, but it could also take days or weeks depending on the volume of data.
In order to streamline and automate this process, companies today have solutions such as Conciliac, which allows with a single click to consolidate files in different formats from various sources, and then reconcile the data with internal systems and control the automated and scalable operation.
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