How to segment marketing lead databases?

How to segment marketing lead databases?

Your Marketing Department may have complex databases full of information. The cleaner and better organized they are, the higher your success rates will be, because data today is the key to making marketing actions work.

Segmenting your subscriber lists the right way, according to your goals, is crucial for your email marketing or phone marketing campaigns.

Keys to segmenting your lead databases

Your company can have multiple databases, since leads can come from different sources (through a contact form on the web, from various e-mail marketing campaigns, by phone…) How to work with this data to ensure that your tables are correct?

Many aspects can affect the quality of your data:

  • Customers who have requested to be removed from your subscriber list.
  • Leads who never open emails.
  • Subscribers with spam, incorrect or bounced e-mails.
  • Clients who have requested to receive emails on one topic, and not on others.
  • You must remove from your mailing list those who have not given you consent, so that you can comply with the data protection regulations in your country.
  • When migrating from one e-mail marketing system to another in which the fields are different, the database will have to be fixed to adjust the corresponding boxes.

Cleaning, systematizing and standardizing lead databases is very important, as this can influence:

  • The rate of responses you receive.
  • The ratio of negative responses or cancellation of service.
  • The percentage of conversion to sales of your emails or phone calls.

Clean, update and effectively organize your lead databases

If your company’s lead databases have turned into chaos, it’s time to start using technology that solves this problem.

You must clean your contact databases that are not highly qualified, or have expressed not wanting to continue receiving your emails.

And you definitely need a tool that helps you compare databases, so that emails only reach a certain group of leads who meet certain and specific conditions.

Your Marketing or Sales Department needs an RPA solution to help them automate these types of repetitive tasks: reconcile, consolidate or validate data from different databases to have a new, transparent, updated database with well-classified contacts.

Conciliac is a data reconciliation solution that can help you put order and optimize the management of your data in your business. Do you want to know how? Register for the presentation of the demo and we will explain it to you.