10 new digital positions to rehabilitate human robots

10 new digital positions to rehabilitate human robots

One of the effects of increased and improved automation of business processes (mainly using RPA tools) is the decrease in need for “human robots”, that is, for very intelligent workers, who perform very clear and precise tasks over and over again every day, and then go home. Peter Bendor-Samuel, founder and CEO of the international consultancy Everest Group, identified them almost 5 years ago, and warned us how unhappy they are: “We put these people in comfortable environments with air conditioning, we restrict their capacity for independent thinking and we expect them to perform their tasks to perfection. How is this different from a robot?” The issue now is what to do with the human robots that we are replacing in their work. How do we re-insert people who are not happy being a human robot?

The first problem we face in this re-insertion is that the skills needed within the organization have changed so radically in recent years. Nowadays organizations urgently need employees with digital skills. According to the specialized consultancies in Human Capital Meta 4 and ISDI, one of the main difficulties for companies is that they often do not have these digital profiles in their job descriptions. These are some of the new digital positions according to the digital professionals’ map prepared by ISDI:

Data Analyst: analyzes the quantitative and qualitative data of the digital environment. From this, the data analyst provides valuable information for making decisions based on objective facts.

Search Engine Marketing Specialist (SEM): is responsible for growing the brand and selling through Internet search engines. Usually deals with campaigns involving Google services such as YouTube Ads and GDN (Google Display Network).

Social Media Strategist: defines, establishes and manages the Social Media strategy, with a unique vision of the brand. Is responsible for all the communication that is generated with the user through social media channels.

Growth Hacker: Specialist in accelerated growth, working both in start-ups that need to grow fast and in mature organizations that are transforming.

Search Engine Organic Marketing Specialist (SEO Specialist):

Community Manager: projects and manages the communication plan in social networks. The mission is to generate conversations around the brand, build community and convert followers into promoters.

Chief Marketing Officer: is the strategist of digital marketing through different channels. Has a strategic role helping to understand the benefits of digitization.

Chief Innovation Officer: This position is responsible for articulating new ideas, new products and new services. Companies have always needed innovation, and with the rise of the Internet and the emergence of social networks, they now face a new class of challenges around how to attract their customers.

Chief Cloud Officer: As the most important and private data is stored and shared in the cloud, it must be managed, monitored and protected.

Chief Perception Officer: Is a proactive role in which the CPO works with the CEO to evaluate the decisions before taking them, to see how they can affect the reputation of the company. The CPO is the guardian of the image of a company to ensure that their values and their customers are aligned.

When Peter Bendor-Samuel reflected on life after being a human robot, he understood very well the implications of change: “I think we need to create a fundamentally different model of people. (…) It will change the way we recruit, train, incentivize, measure and manage people. And it will require a change in the way we provide the context, the connection and the communication with the clients and how we get involved in problem solving.” The first step is to develop new digital skills in the people in our charge and in ourselves, whether we have an automation project or not. But I think more important is to encourage working continuously and together, and be committed to finding ways to do things better; it is these final skills that make the difference in any organization, beyond the technology.

Author: Conciliac Team


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