The Conciliac Academy fulfills a key function for us and mainly for our clients to “achieve the best possible use for all our products.”

Both for beginner users, and those more advanced who would like to perfect their knowledge.

We have a training methodology based on analysis, learning, resolution, and implementation of the client’s own files. If necessary, we invite professionals from the consulting and development department to collaborate in our more complex cases.

  • Survey of customers’ learning needs
  • Estimating the schedule, and defining the modality: virtual – inhouse – in office
  • Begin the Training
  • Closing with a satisfaction survey and resolution of own cases
  • Conciliac Certification

Within the Conciliac Recon Software, there is the possibility of distributing tasks according to the user profile.

 For this reason, we also offer the service Training to Trainers, where your team’s Key User is trained, who is in charge of transferring the knowledge gained to the rest of the team:

  • Editor who prepares the reconciliation rules for each process.
  • Reconciliator who executes the rules created.
  • Approver who analyzes the process and gives the final OK.
  • Consultant who only has access to see what was executed.