Conciliac Recon Software has an SEL (Smart Extraction & Loading) module that allows users to create transformation rules (templates) that make it possible to convert PDF, TXT, CSV, or even XLS files.

This module will be used when the format of the document you want to use requires some adaptation, eliminating any repetitive or peripheral tasks. If the files you have to reconcile or process have a highly-complex structure, or are dynamic in their design, Conciliac offers a service to generate custom templates.

In our experience with 150 clients in more than 30 countries, we have been able to witness infinite files that the user receives and needs to reconcile based on the extraction of his data. We have a development team trained to receive your requests and offer you a suitable solution. With this service you can apply controls for records, perform audits, and improve, standardize and automate your reconciliation processes automatically, directly from our tool. You will receive the Template as a final product, which extracts the data from your files without the need for user intervention; therefore, the upload is done only once in the application.

Immediate result: eliminates repetitive tasks by investing the time saved in activities that generate added value to the company