by Conciliac

At Conciliac Recon Factory we process your reconciliations, generating significant savings in resources, obtaining timely and efficient reports to control your finances efficiently.


Conciliac Recon Factory

Some of our customers want to maintain control over different variables of their business, like credit card, sales, bank accounts, taxes, fees, commissions, inventories, etc., but do not have the scale or the desire to perform the reconciliations themselves. Conciliac has developed a division specifically dedicated to serve these customers. Our Recon Factory can identify, configure, manage, coordinate and execute any reconciliation our customers need, and deliver the results of the process seamlessly and flawlessly.

The reconciliation delegation or outsourcing gives back to these customers the possibility of focusing in their core activities, while maintaining control over some of the key metrics of their business and their periodic closing processes, without having to dedicate time and resources to perform the reconciliations.

The staff of Conciliac Recon Factory is formed by professionals that have deep knowledge of our tools, and are also familiar with the various types of reconciliations required by different vertical, to ensure that the reconciliations will not only be technically impeccable, but also meaningful for your business.

Main Characteristics

• Data gathering, case analysis and file format validation
• Processing of multiple file with the same format
• File processing in .pdf, .xls, .xlsx, .csv and .txt formats.
• Configuration of reconciliation rules
• Pilot processing for the first cases
• Analysis of results
• Results reports configuration
• Management and processing of pending records from previous reconciliation processes.
• On demand execution of reconciliation processes.
• Coordination of dates to receive, process and return reconciliation files.
• Conciliac Read only license to review any reconciliation process