Success stories - American Express

American Express had several reconciliations that were carried out manually and this resulted in many hours of work and a structure of resources that supported this task.

They are currently using Conciliac as a conciliation service for their clients, and also for new controls that arose from the implementation that allows them to work more efficiently, save costs and increase the profitability of the company.

Main results after implementing Conciliac:
  • Important increase in productivity by more than 1000%.
  • Substantial cost reduction in reconciliation processes.
  • Automation of the correlation analysis and subsequent loading in the system.
  • Increased customer satisfaction for expense reconciliations.
  • Automatic generation of Qualitys (efficiency metrics).
  • Possibility to download pending items and import it into TMA.
  • Identification of billing errors and automatic correction of Credit Notes.
  • Identification of non-reconciled operations and automatic loading into the system.

American Express Business Travel no longer develops any reconciliation manually and have managed to release many human resources assigning them to tasks of greater added value in their business.