Conciliac was born in response to the need to simplify and streamline the processes of data reconciliation in different industries.
Our vision is to be the leading company in information reconciliation and data matching solutions, constantly developing and implementing the most creative ideas, generating an evolution in our solutions and business in a continuous, sustainable and profitable way.


Conciliac is an organization committed to research, innovation and continuous development of products that solve complex scenarios of reconciliation and data consolidation in a disruptive way, through non-traditional methods and processes, which lead us to be one step ahead of the needs of the consumer markets, generating a new automation and robotization industry of data matching.


We base our business and product strategy on the investigation of possible expectations, knowing that it must be sustained by a result that maintains and maximizes the quality of our current products, opting for a greater added value to our customers.
Our growth as an organization and our expansion in both markets and territories is defined by the evolution of our products towards them and by the commitment as a company to grow and continuously improve our quality management system.
We understand and see ourselves not only as a company oriented to its customers in the sense of providing software, but we are convinced that our task is to collaborate in their technological and conceptual transformation of what current and future technologies can offer their clients and business, making them better in their internal processes and more competitive in their own industries.
At Conciliac, we are working with dedication and commitment on an evangelization and awareness-raising regarding to assimilate new concepts and technological paradigms, which are currently being developed and will be indispensable in the near future to maintain the competitiveness and evolution of all verticals.
All this can only be done with a clear and pragmatic leadership that supports a flexible business strategy, with a vision of the future and based on innovation and constant evolution in all its aspects, especially in its products.
A leadership open to dynamism and with the ability to challenge the installed parameters of the markets and their current methods, with commitment and guaranteeing strict compliance with applicable legal requirements, is what can create an organizational culture of constant evolution and disruption in all its business fronts, transmitting these values ​​as the fundamental pillars to all our people.
Our goals are directly associated, and their compliance related to a committed and interdisciplinary work team that understands the complexities of the future technological needs that our clients will require and consequently generate in our products the necessary evolution to solve said scenarios through our solutions Growth, quality, innovation and expansion are our goals and also part of our DNA.