With Conciliac ERP Connector, you can integrate Conciliac’s solutions with SAP® ERP Business Suite in a very easy way.

GL Accounts, vendors and customers open items reconciliation:

Conciliac reads the open items from SAP®, performs the data matching process against other data sources, and transfers the results to SAP®. The manual activity of “transfer posting with clearing” which requires an individual selection of each open item to be cleared, is performed efficiently, with agreat impact of time reduction.

This is a common scenario used to perform the bank statement reconciliation, credit cards reconciliation, and other scenarios which deal with reconciliation accounts (open items).

Material Data:

Extract material data from SAP® in order to reconcile the stock information against external data sources, like a report of the physical inventory audit.

Fixed Asset:

Extract fixed asset data from SAP® in order to reconcile the asset information against external data sources.

Custom scenarios:

Conciliac’s team has the required skills to develop custom integration scenarios which fulfill the business requirements.

Easy to integrate. Easy to use.


Conciliac Recon Software 3.0

Conciliac Recon Software 3.0 is a very stable and robust solution that delivers high operational performance and balanced response time for simple or complex reconciliation processes. Conciliac Recon Software includes different modules and functionalities: Workflow, Reporting, File conversion (from .pdf and .txt files), customization of XLS files within the tool, as well as all the features required to automate and run in minutes any reconciliation process, regardless of the number of registries to reconcile, or the complexity of the rules to be applied. Our client/server version was conceived for companies that prefer to install the software locally and process all their reconciliations within their corporate environment. Conciliac Recon Software does not require any regular communication outside the corporate network, so that all the data can be reconciled locally. It has to only to periodically validate the license, and at the same time checks for updates and enhancements to the application. This architecture implies that the higher the capacity of the hardware of the terminal, the faster the reconciliation speed that the user will receive, especially while generating complex reconciliation reports, or when activating features like amount combination or text inference.


Conciliac Power Solution RPA

Conceived, designed and developed under the concept and paradigm of an RPA solution. Conciliac Power Solution is a powerful tool for reconciling, validating and consolidating large volumes of data, which works autonomously and independently of user intervention. Turning in this way the different processes of automatic reconciliation into unattended processes in execution, maintaining the quality in its results. Reconciliation runs are based on preconfigured rules according to the parameters of each reconciliation scenario. They are managed in their execution (what, how, when, where) by a single administrator. Conciliac conceived this solution thinking of solving scenarios of clients with multiple users, volume of processes and different reconciliations types.

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Our version of desktop and client server, is intended for users who need or prefer to install the software locally, and process all reconciliations within their environment.

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Our main objective is that Conciliac Power Solution evolve as an alternative solution that works and executes 100% of the operative tasks present in the reconciliation process, which the user previously performed, freeing him from them, giving him the necessary results to perform the analytical tasks of the reconciliation process..

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With Conciliac Engine, you can count on the potential of Conciliac as a module of your ERP, part of your back office or within your home banking platforms, boosting your products and generating added value to your customers, through the supply of automation and standardization of their reconciliations, saving time, costs and making your finances and those of your customers healthier and more transparent.

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