About us

Conciliac was born in May 2011 in response to the need of different industries to simplify, standardize and accelerate data reconciliation processes.
Our mission is to develop innovative products and technological systems, to become the leading company in the global reconciliation industry, permanently creating and implementing the most inventive ideas to make reconciliations easier, faster and simpler. 
We are focused in helping our customers improve their efficiency in any reconciliation process, through its standardization and automation, and being recognized by our engagement, our commitment and the ethics that guide the way we do businesses. 
We currently serve customers across different verticals and company sizes, located in more than twenty countries in five continents. 
We have developed commercial agreements with first class global companies, with whom we work together to amplify the distribution of our products, and make Conciliac Recon Software available in any market across the globe.


Our team

Oscar Barone


Michel Tork


Matías Cardoso


Ernesto Joseph


Maximiliano Hanglin


Nahuel González

Product Manager (I+D)

Germán Brovelli

Marketing & Communications Lead.

Giuliana Di Benedetto

Product Manager

Mariana Costa

Office Manager

Paola Barchini

Account Manager US & CANADA

Mercedes J. Gonzalez Graue

Account Manager EMEA

Daniel Marin.

SAP Integration Lead


Conciliac was born in response to the need to simplify and streamline the processes of data reconciliation in different industries.
Our vision is to be the leading company in information reconciliation and data matching solutions, constantly developing and implementing the most creative ideas, generating an evolution in our solutions and business in a continuous, sustainable and profitable way.


Conciliac is an organization committed to research, innovation and continuous development of products that solve complex scenarios of reconciliation and data consolidation in a disruptive way, through non-traditional methods and processes, which lead us to be one step ahead of the needs of the consumer markets, generating a new automation and robotization industry of data matching.