“Conciliac is an excellent solution that saves us operating costs, optimizes time, and eliminates mistakes by automating all our reconciliation processes including credit cards, banking, and other types of services that were previously done manually.”

Pablo Chalen , Regional General Manager

“We have been able to easily transfer BSP reports to Excel spreadsheets to be able to cross-match with our databases. We also reconcile credit cards, services oered, and in specic cases, accounting.”

Raquel Vicuña , Finance Sub-Manager

“We were able to not only solve our existing problems, but also implement new controls that help us work more efficiently now.”

Pablo Paulone , Head of Sales Auditing Alto Palermo Shopping

“Conciliac has helped us standardize our reconciliation processes and increase productivity in the department. The tool is not only easy to use, it’s reliable.”

Tizoc Suarez , Vice President, Integration & Information Systems Walmart GSS Latam
“We use Conciliac for BSP auditing. The implementation was quick and we’ve had great results in terms of eciency, service, and technology. Thanks to this tool, our agency has reached fast, concrete, and precise results, without losing time or making mistakes. It has made the day-to-day management of our agency much easier by systematizing reconciliations and optimizing time cycles.”
Mara Kardjian , Manager of the BSP Emissions Department

“At Despegar, we are committed to technology. That’s why we chose Conciliac’s software to automate our company’s reconciliations. This valuable and innovative tool optimizes our resources and offers highly efficient solutions. These benets boost our team’s development and potential, greatly facilitating our work.”

Federico Rodriguez , ADM Supervisor | Revenue Assurance