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Any type of data, automatically. Reconcile, Consolidate, Validate Discover our solution Watch video Manage your data effectively We integrate with SAP Our ERP Connector is SAP certified. It takes the information from your ERP, reconciles it and saves the results back into SAP. More information Watch video From SMEs to large companies, all of them have data that needs to be reconciled.
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What We Solve

Direct Integration with SAP

We integrate with SAP® ERP R3 and SAP® S/4HANA through a certified bidirectional connector that completes the process saving the results in SAP®.

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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Conciliac is an organization committed to the research, innovation, and continuous development of products that solve complex data reconciliation and consolidation scenarios in a disruptive way, through nontraditional methods and processes that keep us one step ahead of customers’ needs, generating a new industry of data-matching automation.

Our mission is to develop innovative products and technological systems, to become the leading company in the global reconciliation industry, permanently creating and implementing the most inventive ideas to make reconciliations easier, faster and simpler..

+200 customers. 20 countries. 5 continents.

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Our goals, your results

Success Story - American Express

Learn about the success story of American Express.

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Success story - Action Travel

Find out the results that Action Travel used using Concilia.

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