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“Implementation was very good – it was agile, easy, and intuitive. It was a bit more difficult for BSP, but overall it was excellent.”

Juan Mery, Head of Airline Auditing

Key results after implementing Conciliac

We think our most valuable asset is time. But quality is just as important. When a person spends so much time making complex calculations across different files, they can make many mistakes. With Conciliac, human error is almost null.

  • The biggest achievement for the Finance Department (Administration and BSP) was saving time. We dedicated a lot of time on different types of reconciliations, hours and days of work that is now done in minutes. It also opened our eyes to the possibility of using the tool for less conventional reconciliations that are also useful.
  • Our reconciliations are now faster and easier and require less work.
  • Optimum results. The tool works very well and is constantly updated with improvements.

Learn the power of automatic reconciliation.