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“Conciliac is more than just a reconciliation tool. Its versatility and simplicity make it easy to use for processes never before imagined where there are significant savings in costs and time.”

Enrique Castigniani , Quality & Process Development-

Key results after implementing Conciliac

American Express used to reconcile wide-ranging processes manually, which took up many hours of work and relied on resources devoted to these tasks. They are now using Conciliac as a reconciliation service for their customers, as well as for new controls that have been set up since, working more efficiently, cutting costs, and boosting productivity.

  • Huge boost in productivity of more than 1000%.
  • Substantial cost-savings for reconciliation processes.
  • Automated correlation analysis and upload to system.
  • Increased customer satisfaction due to expense-matching.
  • Option to download pending items and import them into TMA.
  • Billing mistakes spotted and credit notes automatically corrected.
  • Non-reconciled operations spotted and automatically uploaded to the system.
  • Generation of Quality Score (efficiency KPI).

Learn the power of automatic reconciliation.