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Are we prepared to work from home?

“Our walls are the horizon. In a way, we are all Odysseus, members of a species that lost their way but discovered their greatest challenge: returning home,” said the writer Juan Villoro on March 20th, 2020, when due to COVID-19, a big part of the workforce across the world found itself stuck in their homes. And

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The importance of RPA in reshaping Biopharma.

Biopharma is another industry that needs to adjust their current business models to constant regulations, while making sure Research and Development (R&D) investments become increasingly successful, and failures cost less and less. All this in a complex market, in which it’s necessary to redefine the relationships between health care systems, opinion leaders, individual physicians,

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Are companies ready for telecommuting?

Last week we analyzed the implications of working from home from the perspective of the employee. But there’s another side to the equation: Are companies ready to have employees working remotely? A survey by CITRIX carried out in September 2019 in Latin-American countries indicates that 39% of those surveyed were employed by companies that allowed

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Transforming Smart Factories with RPA

One of the biggest differences in business-related technology between 20 years ago and today is that nowadays, it’s possible to implement effective solutions with significantly less investment in time, effort, and capital.  Process-digitization, 3D printing, Internet of Things (IoT), along with machines and RPA technology allows industries to better serve their customers by processing

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What is the secret to the survival of travel agencies?

According to the website,, the industry of travel agencies has maintained annual growth of 3.3% in the last 5 years, generating employment for more than 238,000 people, involving more than 62,000 businesses, and with a total income in 2019 of 41 billion dollars. Not any industry can boast these numbers; travel continues to be

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5 Challenging Work Predictions by 2050

“Work. When you grow up, you might not have a job. We have no idea what the job market will look like in 2050. It is generally agreed that machine learning and robotics will change almost every line of work – from producing yoghurt to teaching yoga. However, there are conflicting views about the

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Do current performance evaluation methods work?

In a previous article, we analyzed the need for talent in organizations given the dramatic changes in emerging methods and technologies like RPA (Robotic Process Automation), Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data. On this occasion, I would like to discuss how companies foster talent within their organization. Today, many organizations are proposing that being top

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Is Talent Attracted or Created?

Emerging technologies, such as RPA (Robotic Process Automation), Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, and Predictive Analysis are providing companies with new tools to transform the way they do business; however, this is also modifying internal processes within organizations, establishing new ways of working, and demanding new abilities and talents from people. Perhaps that’s

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