Modernizing the insurance business with RPA

Published on 12 September, 2019

The concept of insurance has been among us for quite some time: maybe 5 or…

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The eight types of molt (waste) that we must take care of in our processes.

Published on 4 September, 2019

The concept of waste in organizations has once again become important due to the emergence…

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RPA: the technology that is changing the role of a CIO

Published on 29 August, 2019

One of the most appreciated skills in a CIO (and in general, in the area…

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5 Key Ideas From a CEO

Published on 22 August, 2019

Recently Bill McDermott, CEO of SAP, gave an interview to Bob Evans, an expert in…

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5 things Richard Branson has done differently

Published on 14 August, 2019

Last July marked 50 years since the Apollo 11 mission was successfully completed; the first mission that would allow…

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