Get to know the tools that automate and facilitate the reconciliation processes for Banks and Financial Institutions

Conciliac Recon Software is a data-matching solution aimed at solving the most varied scenarios and processes of reconciliation, validation, and consolidation of data for Banks and Financial Institutions.

From reconciling bank statements, accounting, and credit cards, to stocks, land, meetings, expenses, fixed assets, sales, fees, various databases, and much more.

Conciliac Recon Software is a data-matching solution designed and developed to automatically process reconciliation information or financial and nonfinancial data, and even text reconciliation.

We collaborate with Banks and Financial Institutions where we generate, in terms of performance, substantial savings in: time, costs, and resources dedicated to the task of reconciling information.

In addition to automating and robotizing the entire reconciliation process and focusing on offering a record-toreport solution, the main value-added to our solution in Bank or Financial Institution is its ability to adapt to a wide range of reconciliation processes, also giving our clients the autonomy to parametrize and configure their own automation scenarios.

  • Movements between institutions.
  • Cash Management.
  • Commercializing Conciliac to your clients so they reconcile before resorting to your support areas, asking questions that would be answered by reconciling.
  • Credit payments.
  • Taxes.
  • Bank charges issued.
  • Varied fraud detection.
  • Varied database cross-checking.
  • And more.
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Our version of desktop and client server, is intended for users who need or prefer to install the software locally, and process all reconciliations within their environment.

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Our main objective is that Conciliac Power Solution evolve as an alternative solution that works and executes 100% of the operative tasks present in the reconciliation process, which the user previously performed, freeing him from them, giving him the necessary results to perform the analytical tasks of the reconciliation process..

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With Conciliac Engine, you can count on the potential of Conciliac as a module of your ERP, part of your back office or within your home banking platforms, boosting your products and generating added value to your customers, through the supply of automation and standardization of their reconciliations, saving time, costs and making your finances and those of your customers healthier and more transparent.

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